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4 Devon Lane
Devonport, AUCKLAND
New Zealand
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Monday - Sunday
5.30am - 10pm

Move Studio is an unsupervised training space

  • MOVE Studio Feature!

    9 July at 15:26 from atlas

    This is an article that was kindly written by the Devonport Business Association in February 2019....

    MOVE - That's All The Motivation You Need

    Some people were born to make a difference; impacting others lives and helping them to find their own personal strength. 

    Hugh Biss, the man behind Devonport's new fitness studio 'MOVE' is exactly that type of person and his enormous list of training credentials is enough to make anyone want to jump out of their seat and resolve to just move... 

    I'm Hugh, long time strength coach and trainer, originally from Wellington where I opened my first studio gym back in 2002. Wellington days were busy days. There I had the privilege of training a number great athletes including Silver Fern Irene van Dyk for ten years and Gareth Kean who won a silver medal in the backstroke at the Commonwealth Games. As part of my work with High Performance Sport NZ, I was also lucky enough to work with the Wellington based Black Sticks and along the way also trained the Wellington under 21 rugby side and the Capital Shakers Netball team as well as many other individual athletes.

    In the early 2000's I had the huge honour of being asked to train the US Ambassador of the time, Charles Swindells. An interesting assignment given that he was constantly under armed security watch post the attacks of 9/11. Even my car had to be checked for explosive booby traps each time I entered the residence.

    We relocated from there to Auckland in 2012 so that I could support my wife in her career. Since then I've spent my time establishing myself in Devonport and looking for a suitable place to set up another studio. Eventually I found the perfect place down Devon Lane and set up 'Move Studio' at the start of 2018.

    MOVE Studio has been created to be the best little training space in Devonport. It has a limited membership that keeps it from getting crowded and is somewhere where people who don't like the large commercial gyms can come and either train on their own or do some one on one work with me.

    The studio is a small and personal space but has everything you need for a great workout and to get great results. It has TRX training, free weights, boxing, medicine balls, cable machines, a rowing machine and more. It has a really cool atmosphere with polished wooden floors, exposed rafters, a nice view and really good air conditioning. Best still it's tucked away out of sight down Devon Lane in a gorgeous little brick building with nice gardens outside.

    Move Studio is my workshop, it's where I know everyone personally and also their goals. Every programme is individualised and based on the wants and needs of each member. I take a personal interest in every programme making sure that people are on track, safe and progressing as they should.

    I am passionate about working with athletes and young people, but in reality just love working with anyone who wants to improve themselves. A lot of my focus in Auckland is now with tennis. I am currently working with some of NZ's top tennis players including Rubin Statham #1, Ajeet Rai #2, Macsen Sisam #4 and Elys Ventura one of our top women's players. Rubin Statham had his best ever result recently beating Hyeon Chung the world #25 at the ASB Classic in Auckland.

    Just to keep things really interesting I am also the specialist goalkeeper coach for the Black Stick Men's hockey side. A role that involves coaching the current keepers as they aspire to compete at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020

    To me training needs to be more than just wanting to look great (although we can definitely help with that). Most importantly we need to be functionally fit - meaning we have the strength, stability and fitness to do everyday things well. Whether that be lifting, carrying, playing sport or, at the extreme, helping people in trouble or danger. As humans we should all be able to squat, lunge, run, walk, push, pull, jump and rotate. It sounds so simple yet many are yet to be able to or can no longer do this.

    The following great quote from Socrates is one that I often refer back to, which gives motivation to many…

    'It is a shame for a person to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which their body is capable'

    At Move Studio we don't have a lot of memberships left, but if you are interested please contact me and I can talk through what it is you are looking to achieve.