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027 242 6975
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4 Devon Lane
Devonport, AUCKLAND
New Zealand
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Opening hours

Monday - Sunday
5.30am - 10pm

Move Studio is an unsupervised training space

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A unique and cool little training space that will add a touch of luxury to your training experience here in Devonport....

Training with us is about expertise, guidance, motivation and support. Whatever your goals, we can surely help you achieve them faster!

We provide strength and fitness training for athletes and people training for life.

We specifically provide…

· Speed, power and agility training for athletes

· Weight loss and body transformations for health and looking great!

· Rehabilitation and stability training to help overcome injury

· Group Training Sessions (Boot camp....but with no one yelling at you!)

· Team Training for season preparation

· Field based fitness testing for athletes and teams

· Adventure training - specific training for endurance adventures like mountain biking, trail running and kayaking